Custom Formulation

FoodPharma’s development laboratory combines an extensive library of archived formulas with the experience of our food scientists, combining their understanding of development and efficient manufacturing to create both great taste and measurable shelf stability.

Our food scientists produce some of the finest custom formulations available in today’s marketplace. The functional product of yesterday whether in the form of a bar, soft chew, or panned product is not necessarily the new functional product of today. Advances in ingredient technology, market demand, and our own internal growing developmental knowledge requires that our formulas remain relevant and current to today’s technology. The benefit of our being mindful of this is conferred directly to our customers who then enjoy and take great pride in knowing that their formulas are “state-of-the-art.”

Custom formula design in three (3) important areas includes 1) protein, energy and nutrition bars, 2) soft chews, and 3) panned products.

Beginning the process includes the following initial steps:

  • Opening discussion regarding the product concept
  • An additional discussion and theoretical development of the product concept on paper by the publishing of a Nutrition Facts or Supplement Facts panel and ingredient statement
  • An initial laboratory trial
  • An after trial “experience exchange” where our food scientists evaluate the trial’s capability of being commercialized and it’s shelf stability potential
  • Additional trial work and additional Nutrition Facts or Supplement Facts panel and ingredient statement publishing if required
  • Green light for moving forward into developing the product idea into a marketable product
    • Supplying a final laboratory trial for evaluation
    • Supplying a final Nutrition Facts or Supplement Facts panels and ingredient statement formats to customer’s artist
    • Supplying dye-layouts to customer’s artist
    • Participating in the artwork editing process
    • Finalizing the product’s artwork for accurate layout and government compliance
    • Piloting if necessary
    • Final manufacturing